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Tammy Gold

Tammy Gold brings a wealth of expertise, compassion and personal experience to parent coaching. Tammy has been featured in over 100 articles worldwide and has also appeared in TV Shows on Good Morning America, ABC News, MSNBC, Fox News and Parents TV as a parenting expert. In addition, Tammy Gold is also the permanent parenting expert providing tips and writing articles for the popular websites The Huffington Post, The Bump.com and Gabrielle Reece's celebrity website The Honeyline.com

Tammy earned an undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania and a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University. She is a Psychotherapist licensed in New York and New Jersey and is also certified as a life coach and a parent coach, from two different coaching programs. In addition, she is also accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Tammy offers a rare combination of education and experience.

Tammy's professional experience includes caring for cancer patients at Memorial Sloan-Kettering and supporting children and their families in a New York City mental health clinic and also a school for emotionally disturbed children in New Jersey. “Working with troubled children day in and day out, I realized that so many issues could be avoided if parents had the proper education and support. Yet there was so little available to them.”

It was the combinations of these experiences – and becoming a parent for the first time herself – that lead Tammy to create this new approach to parental support. “Even as a therapist with years of training, I felt anxious and overwhelmed when I became a mother. When I read the many books on parenting, I realized that they focused on the physical aspects of parenting – what to buy, when to feed the baby, and so on - but there was a real lack of emotional guidance and support for parents.”

So Tammy married her education, professional and real-life experience to create an entirely unique approach to parenting – one that provides parents with the proper tools and support to approach both pragmatic and emotional issues with confidence.

“I often find that in the rush to become a supportive parent, parents lose sight of their own well-being. So I developed an approach that helps parents better understand their own needs. Working together, we are able to create solutions that fit into their value systems, families and everyday lives.”

Photo: Tammy Gold and her daughters

Tammy and her daughters Braydin, Presley, and Gemma

Gold Parent Coaching is a unique service led by Tammy, offering a comprehensive range of therapy and coaching services that includes all 1:1 sessions, support groups and speaking engagements.

Tammy Gold performs coaching in both New York and New Jersey either in a traditional setting or in the privacy of a client's home. She resides in Short Hills, New Jersey with her husband and three daughters.

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Photo: Tammy Gold
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