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Tammy Gold
Licensed Therapist, Certified Coach, Parenting & Childcare Expert (973) 692-6270 or info@goldparentcoaching.com

Via phone, Skype or in her office, Tammy can provide:

  1. Couples counseling to strengthen your marriage
  2. Family therapy to improve your relationships with children and teens
  3. Individual therapy to become a happier, more knowledgeable and satisfied parent
  4. Parent coaching to improve your infant's sleep patterns and habits and/or decrease your toddler's tantrums
  5. Childcare consulting for finding and managing the perfect nanny or daycare facility

Tammy Gold is one of the most sought after parenting and childcare experts in the country and has been counseling families for over 10 years, helping parents to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Her therapy sessions are invaluable and most, if not all, of each session should be covered by insurance. Tammy believes there is nothing more important than giving parents the support, guidance and care they deserve, because happier parents equal happier children!


"Three sessions with Tammy was all it took to get our marriage back on track. It was so easy and done through Skype. Tammy gave us tools to better understand each other and communicate."

"Things with my daughter were becoming out of control. Tammy met with our teen daughter 6 times and it made a huge difference in our family. Our fighting has decreased immensely. Plus, I was able to submit the bill for insurance reimbursement."

"We were due with our first child when I got transferred to London. I was about to become a new mom, in a new town and trying to find a nanny so I could return to work after my maternity leave. Over the phone and across the ocean, Tammy taught us what we needed in a nanny, how to interview, reference check, how to set up trials, how to pick the final nanny and then how to start the transition. I would have been lost without her services and training forms."

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